Merritt's Mill Pond

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Merritt's Mill Pond is created an earthen dam located at highway 90. The dam creates a 4 mile long, 202 acre lake. The pond is fed by several springs the most impressive being the magnitude 1 Jackson Blue Spring. This beautiful public park is a local favorite where the crystal clear waters help keep locals cool in the hot summer months. Although camping is not permitted at the park it does offer a snack bar, fully equipped bathrooms, play grounds, and plenty of picnic areas.

Once the Mill Pond was famous for its fishing boasting the world record sunfish at 4.86 lbs. and although it is still a great fishing lake it is being put back on the map by a gentleman named Edd Sorenson of Cave Adventures as one of Americas' premier diving destinations. These diving adventures attract divers from around the world. The Mill Pond offers three great diving sites; Jackson Blue Spring, Twin Caves and Hole in The Wall. The thing that makes the Mill pond such a desired diving location is not only its crystal clear water, but also the fact that the walls and formations inside the caves are formed from lime stone a white rock that illuminates when hit by light making for an incredible visual spectacle.

If it is camping you are looking for Arrowhead Camp Sites is the place for you. They have complete camping areas available from primitive camping to RV sites and cabin rentals. Arrowhead is located just off highway 90 at the Spring Creek spillway.

Jackson Blue Springs has a rich history dating back to times of early American Indians. The area is rich with artifacts. Including arrowhead points and there has even been found old Spanish iron worked items.

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