Ocheesee Pond

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Ocheesee Pond is one of the most unique places in Jackson County. Ocheesee Pond is a 2200 acre cypress swamp. About 90% of the pond is covered with cypress trees and other aquatic vegetation. There are places on the pond where the trees are so close it is impossible to navigate and yet the water is over 10 feet deep. It truly makes one wonder what might be lurking in those dark impassible areas.

There is abundant wild life on the pond and it boasts on the largest osprey populations in Jackson County. It offers great fishing but be careful to pay attention at all time to where you are because it is easy to get lost in the winding trails through the trees. Trails are marked by a series a reflectors and it is import for the inexperienced to keep these reflectors in sight. It would be a frightening experience for the sun to go down on you in this swamp and not know where you are.

Ocheesee has three or four public landings most of which are off of Shady Grove Rd out of Gradridge. It is not recommended to take a Bass master or Ranger boat in to the pond, but instead a small flat bottom stump jumper. A bigger boat will limit your ability to navigate the tight trails of Ocheesee.

Ocheesee is truly a hidden Gem here in Jackson County.

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