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Helping The McLane Community Center

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Helping The McLane Community Center

Remember Noah McArthur? He is the four year old boy that, with the help of his family, began collecting aluminum cans around the county all year in order to accumulate monies for buying Christmas toys for children of less fortunate families. He stated that he wanted to help these other children while opening his presents at the age of four. Thus began a continuing fund drive entitled “Noah's CANpaign”. This past year the fund bought toys for sixteen children. Noah is a unique person, and his parents are unique parents.

Noah is now at the ripe old age of thirteen. He is still stomping on cans for his CANpaign, but he has also almost completed his requirements to become an Eagle Scout. It was while performing volunteer assistance at the McLane Center in south Marianna as part of his scouting work that he became aware of many needs that existed at that Center. His charitable spirit was touched and he began planning what he could do to help the McLane Center and the many children and the community it serves.

Noah and his mother Jacquelyn came to the TIMES office to discuss their ideas and the needs they see at the McLane Center. The TIMES decided to provide support and promotional activity for an annual fund drive called “Noah's McLane Center Enhancement Fund”. Next, the contingent met with Clay Wells, City Parks and Recreation Director, and discussed the fund and existing needs at the Center. The fund drive will involve the support of black and white communities in Marianna. It will utilize donation canisters located at over fifty businesses in the Marianna area, donations from civic organizations, donations from churches, and support from local businesses. Noah will be explaining this process and soliciting donations from these organizations. The drive will take place for three months, March-April-and May. The funds will be used to improve the facility, equipment, playground, and community programs offered to the children of Marianna.

The City Recreation Board wholeheartedly endorsed and proclaimed their support for the fund drive last week when Noah, his family, and Sid Riley from the TIMES appeared at their monthly meeting. On Tuesday night Noah and the group met with the Marianna City Commission and received their enthusiastic endorsement and pledge of support. Thus, “Noah's McLane Center Enhancement Fund Drive” is now underway! Please support this worthwhile effort.

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