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Sharing Jackson County History On Sale Now

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In Time for Christmas: Chipola Historical Trust's Sharing Jackson County History

Everyone has a person who is particularly difficult to buy for when it comes to Christmas, an anniversary or a birthday. This year the Chipola Historical Trust has solved the problem by having its Sharing Jackson County History on sale.

The publication, with a hundred and thirty one pages, is made up of stories that were originally published as weekly articles in the Jackson County TIMES by Pat Crisp, Mary Robbins, Sue Tindel and Robert Earl Standland. From the oldest known photo of Marianna on page 3 to a color scene of the modern Blue Ssprings Recreation Area on page 131, the book tells the story of Jackson County artfully and accurately. For those who wish to delve more into their own family's background, sources are listed within. The book contains many photographs not been previously available to the public.

Chipola Historical Trust President Pat Crisp reports that the books are selling well. Some of the comments are: "Love the pictures"; "thank you for doing this. The book makes Jackson County history come alive".

Books are available at The Russ House and at the Jackson County TIMES. The books are a $25 donation to the Chipola Historical Trust. Mail orders are being sent daily at a cost of to cover postage and protective envelope. All checks should be made out to the Chipola Historical Trust.

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