Chipola Historical Trust Gets a Treat! Sangy White

Chipola Historical Trust Gets a Treat! Sangy White

The Chipola Historical Trust was delighted to have Mary "Sangy" White, 106 years old and soon to be 107, with her daughter Consta, speak at the meeting held October 21, 2013  Ms. Sangy was primed with questions which she answered with precision and humor.

She told stories of how she and her late husband moved into their first home on Highway 73 (Dothan Cutoff). They shook peanuts by day and picked cotton at night. The cotton was taken into their 2 room house at night for safety. Over the years, The White family added on to the house one room at a time. The house had a tin roof and she told an entertaining story of fixing the roof herself to stop a leak.

Ms. Sangy spoke of running a team of mules into a wasps nest while plowing one day. She didn't get stung but the poor mules did. "I just hung on and kept the mules under control until I could get them away from the wasps and tend to their stings", she related "and I can still run pretty good."

She always made extra money as a seamstress with a pedal machine which she uses to this day. She made flour sack dresses and scrap dresses. No patterns needed, she just looked at pictures and went to work. Just a few years ago she outfitted a complete wedding, including the bridal gown, all maids of honor dresses, and even bow ties and cummerbunds for the groom and other men.
At 106 years of age she still drives her 1994 car, although she doesn't drive at night any more. Sangy loves to fish and told tales of deep woods Port St Joe fishing.

Sangy just returned to Jackson County after spending several weeks in California with her daughter. Her mind is still sharp and she is fleet of foot. It amazes all who are near her to experience her grace, kindness, and boundless energy. Her greatest blessing is "How the Good Lord takes care of me"

Sangy ended the talk with her five rules to live by:

  1. Love the Lord,
  2. Only one man
  3. Cook your own food
  4. Treat everybody right
  5. Don't Drink or Smoke
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