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Jackson County Commissioners address debris

  • Written by  Shelia Mader
Jackson County Commissioners address debris

The Jackson County Board of County Commissioners addressed debris removal in a special meeting Monday morning at 8:00 a.m. 
The deadline to have all eligible debris to the roadway was March 30 and the Board opted to leave that as the final date for taking debris to the roadway. The final pickup for FDOT to pick up is May 31, extended from April 15 by Governor Ron DeSantis.
Administrator Wilanne Daniels asked the board to authorize staff to send DOT a request that they take over the monitoring contract just like they have the debris contract for the duration of this time frame through May 31. Daniels said, “I’d like to request that they continue with Metric until such time that they are able to transfer over to Thompson so that will make for a smoother transition for us on June 1 when we have to begin picking it up.” A motion was made by commissioner Jim Peacock and seconded by commissioner Eric Hill to allow the administrator to prepare this letter. The motion passed unanimously. 
Per FEMA guidelines the following is what constitutes ineligible storm debris:
• Debris from vacant lots, forests, heavily wooded areas, unimproved property,
and unused areas.
• Debris on agricultural lands used for crops or livestock.
• Concrete slabs or foundations-on-grade.
• Reconstruction debris consisting of materials used in the reconstruction of
disaster-damaged improved property.
The Board would like the citizens to know they are trying to be consistent in messaging to keep the public from having to guess what is and isn’t allowed and to clarify deadline dates.

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