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Mudcats are Ozone league champions

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The Mudcats faced the Riverdogs in the Ozone league championship game at Optimist Park. The Mudacts picked up the 15-2 win to claim the city championship. 

Sergio Wamble had a leadoff single for the Riverdogs in the top of the first. Bowen Barber singled home Wamble, with Barber crossing the plate before three outs ended the inning. Brady Brock doubled to get the Mudcats offense going in their half of the first. Caleb Thomas got the crowd on their feet with a two-run home run. Parker Willis also gave the fans something to cheer about, when he followed suit going yard on a solo shot of his own. Hunter Smith and Patrick Carrel were issued back-to-back walks to put runners at first and second. With two outs, Alec Basford reached on a Riverdogs’ miscue, with Smith and Carrel crossing the plate before a strikeout ended the inning. Going into the second inning, the Mudcats had a 5-2 lead. 

The Riverdogs were three up, three down in the top of the second. With one out, Brady Brock drew a walk to get things going for the Mudcats in the bottom of the frame. Caleb Thomas singled, moving Brock to second, followed by Parker Willis singling home a pair of runs. Hunter Smith wore one for the team, with Patrick Carrel drawing a walk to load the bases. Caden Calloway was hit by a pitch to score a run for the Mudcats. Garrett Lassmann waited patiently for a free pass that plated a run, followed by Alec Basford sacrificing home the Mudcats final run of the frame. After two innings of play, the Mudcats had a 10-2 lead. 

The Riverdogs were retired in order in the top of the third. With one out, Brady Brock was issued a walk for the Mudcats in the bottom of the frame. Caleb Thomas’ single moved Brock to second, with Parker Willis taking one for the team to load the bases. Hunter Smith had a two-RBI single, with Patrick Carrel reaching on an error to score a run. Caden Calloway sacrificed the final two Mudcat runs home, before the third out ended the inning. 

With two outs, Bowen Barber and Cameron Odom each reached on an error for the Riverdogs in the top of the fourth. Barber stole third, with Cameron Odom taking second before a third out left runners in scoring position. 

Congratulations to the Mudcats on their championship win and to all players, coaches and fans on their season from the publisher and staff at the Jackson County Times. 

Texting and driving can now be costly to Florida drivers

This past month, new legislation regarding texting and driving was signed into law. Now, texting at the wheel moves from a secondary offense to a primary offense which will affect pocketbooks and hopefully save some lives from distracted driving.

Florida, as well as other states, have submitted a number of different bills regarding texting and driving, hands-free devices but none have passed in Florida until this year. Now instead of texting and driving as an additional charge at a traffic stop, officers can pull you over if they see the phone in your hand. 

Marianna chief of police Hayes Baggett was more than pleased to see the law pass and anxiously awaits July 1 for it to go into effect.  Two years ago, Baggett had asked the city to sign a resolution supporting a piece of legislation that the Florida Police Chief Association were supporting a ban on texting and driving like the one that passed this year. Baggett said of the new legislation, “The new texting while driving law is a sensible and much-needed update to legislation that hasn’t been very effective or enforced. There were roughly 50,000 car accidents caused by texting and driving in Florida in 2016 and distracted driving accounted for at least 233 deaths in 2016. This new law will allow a law enforcement officer to conduct a traffic stop if you are seen texting and driving. Distracted driving is causing more deaths on our roadways today than impaired drivers.” 

Eddie Elmore, lieutenant with the Florida Highway Patrol seconded what Baggett said in reference to the new legislation, “When the new law takes effect July 1, it’s not really a grace period but we are not really going to be writing citations until January 1.  So, from July 1 to December 31, that is our education period that the state typically does on all new laws that come into effect.”  Elmore told of the difference in the law prior to the one taking effect July 1 and the previous one, “The law currently is a secondary offense which means you have to be doing something, you have to be violating another law before we can stop and enforce this law. Now, with the new revision to the law, it gives us a more proactive stance when it comes to enforcing texting and driving. For me, personally and as a lieutenant with the Florida Highway Patrol, I think that this is a good move that we made. I think that any reasonable person that drives you know on the average almost every day, they see the problem out among the motorists. They are constantly texting and driving and going and doing other things than what they’re primarily supposed to be doing which is driving their vehicle.” 

Elmore added some staggering facts to the equation of texting and driving, “We can attribute 23 fatalities just based on texting and driving.  And that’s the ones we know 100% that’s what they’re doing. Some of those fatalities that we can’t contribute where we suspect it might have been texting and driving and we just can’t prove it, single vehicle, single occupant, so we just don’t know. But we can’t find a reason of why they ran off the road, why they overcorrected, that sort of thing.”

Elmore continued, “There’s another part of this law too that is anytime that you are in two types of zones, a construction zone or a school zone you have to be handsfree.  You have to be like on blue tooth or a speaker.” 

Florida is just one of the many states putting a ban on texting behind the wheel and making the roads a little safer. 

Roberts passes the gavel to incoming Mayor Rico Williams

At the regular city commission meeting, those attending witnessed the changing of the gavel. Mayor John Roberts passed the gavel to incoming Mayor Rico Williams. 

Roberts expressed his appreciation for having served this past year as mayor of Marianna, “I know when we look back on this year, we will remember we have been through some trying times. Our city staff, all of them have done an outstanding job and when we look back on this year, we are all going to say that was rough but I would like to say, that I’d like to see us plan a party for October 10, 2020 at Madison Street Park. We want to let everyone know that Marianna is still here and we are still going strong.  That is one of the things I’d like to add to the agenda.  And I’d like to say it has been a pleasure to be your Mayor.”

Incoming Mayor Williams was very, “I want to thank God, my family and voters for this opportunity. We are going to work hard. And now, piggybacking on what Mr. Roberts said, I had something along those lines and when we get to it on the agenda, I’ll bring it up.”

An added treat to last night’s event was newly crowned Miss Jackson County, along with Junior Miss and Little Miss Jackson County were present. Miss Jackson county just happens to be Imani Williams, daughter of Mayor Rico and Rebekah Williams. 

Chipola softball sweeps their THIRD WORLD SERIES title

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Chipola took St. George by storm when they landed with every intention of bringing the World Series trophy to Chipola. They dominated from the first game to the final game, outscoring their opponents 69 runs to 10 runs, including a sweet 15-2 revenge win over Central Florida who defeated the Lady Indians at the state tournament. Their last three games were nothing short of domination in the truest sense of the word, winning 15-2, 18-1 and 19-2 with the championship game forced to go the full seven innings. 

Amy Woodham proved to be all Chipola’s opponents wanted and then some in all five games, giving up a measly six earned runs in 24 innings of work. Brianna Bailey came on in relief in three games and was equally as impressive, giving up one run in five and one-third innings of work, including recording the final out in the championship game. 

Angelina scored two unearned runs in the first inning and never threatened after that. Chipola put up 19 unanswered runs in the next six innings, including homeruns by Haley Sandridge, Mikayla Lewin and Ally Clegg.  Chipola out hit Angelina 22 to 3. 

Haley Sandridge was the catalyst leading the Lady Indians in the championship with three hits, two runs scored and five RBIs, followed by Eila Infante with four hits and two RBIs. On board with three hits, two runs scored and two RBIs was Mikayla Lewin, followed by Ally Clegg with two hits, two runs scored and two RBIs, with Sydney Mclain two hits, two runs scored and an RBI.  Candela Figueroa recorded two hits, three runs scored and two RBIs, followed by Thais Uyema with two hits, two runs scored and one RBI. On board with one hit and one RBI was Yoshie Omori, with Lauren Finch and Madison Kent both recording one hit and one run scored.  Jadia Jones had a run scored and an RBI, with Tammie Lijbers recording a pair of runs scored, and Christine Marsland scoring a run.

The Chipola softball team returned to where it started Sunday around noon and were greeted by well-wishers, family and fans who made sure they knew how proud they made Jackson County with their third World Series Championship.  There was a meet and greet cookout scheduled for Tuesday evening at 4:30. 

Congratulations to the Chipola softball team, including players, coaches, Chipola College administration and parents on a well-deserved National Championship from the publisher and staff of the Jackson County Times.

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