How to hang almost any type of sliding door

  • Written by  Danny Lipford
How to hang almost any type of sliding door

Sliding door hardware can be used on almost any style of door. In this case, we are using a pair of interior, six-panel doors for a six-foot cased opening.

We’re adding two narrow strips of wood, a quarter-inch apart, to the bottom of each door. The bottom guide will fit into the slot we’re creating. We’re doing this instead of routing a quarter-inch-wide groove in the doors because we need to take advantage of the door’s full height rather than lose a half-inch.

To ensure that the doors are secure, we’re using nails and glue. While the doors dry, we lay out the track. The hardware instructions will detail how far off the floor the track should be mounted. In this case, that puts it in the existing door trim, so we are adding a one-by-two on either side of the trim to support the full length of the tracks.

It’s not uncommon to have to add wood on top of drywall for these installations, but it is important that it be screwed into every possible stud since it will support the doors’ weight.

Now we can attach the track to the wall. Lag bolts go through the track and spacers before going into the mounting boards.

Next, the roller guides are attached to the doors using the detailed dimensions provided in the instructions for the hardware.

This hardware kit also includes a rubber bumper that prevents the door from jumping off the track once it is properly installed.

Once the doors are in place, the floor guide can be attached to the floor near the edge of the opening.

Finally, stops are added to the track at each end to limit the travel.

 Watch the video for details.

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