The gloves have changed hands at the Oaks

The gloves have changed hands at the Oaks

Diners of The Oaks Restaurant will quickly tell you one of the things they quickly noticed when they started dining there was Eddie Davis’ back pocket.  December 17, 2007 was opening day for Eddie and Jo Davis at The Oaks in Marianna and they’ve seen few closed days in those 10-plus years. Last Wednesday, the news was out – the Davises had sold The Oaks.  

Good news followed for daily patrons however when they found out the new owners were Rodney, Peggy and Bradley Ingram.  The Ingrams are no strangers to The Oaks or to good food. Rodney opened the Wharf in Panama City and ran it before moving on to another line of work. The itch never left him to open another restaurant, “I would see Eddie in the bank regularly and then heard it might be for sale. Well here we are in the restaurant business.” Peggy initially thought she would remain at her job with Washington County School Board as a guidance counselor but after less than a week in the business, the food bug hit her. She is known for her love of the kitchen and has elected to forego returning to her job to allow her to be at the restaurant daily.   

In an interview with Eddie Davis, “I’ve been here going on 11 years, December 17, 2007 and I had the Chuck Wagon for 18 years.”  Jo Davis gave a history of the Chuck Wagon, “We started out on Highway 90 on November 20 of 86.” They later moved to their location on Highway 77 before opening The Oaks in Marianna. Both Davises agree they plan to stay involved with the transition of the restaurant to the new owners, staying for a couple of weeks before taking some time off.  They will return intermittently to assist with the transition.

All agree that what’s not broken doesn’t need to be fixed so the menu, the staff, and the food will remain the same, with three fresh faces greeting their customers six days a week. 

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